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Introducing Spirit School Coaching

Welcome to the Group Coaching Classroom, a new path within Spirit School.

With the brand-new Group Coaching Classroom in Spirit School, you’ll get extra support, designed around your unique situation and goals.

The brand-new Group Coaching Classroom in Spirit School offers a unique and transformative experience for personal growth and collective learning. Designed to cater to individuals seeking both self-improvement and communal support, the program emphasizes collaborative learning, where participants can share experiences, challenges, and insights. This setting fosters a sense of community and belonging, enabling members to learn from each other’s perspectives.

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Consistent group mentoring also creates accountability and motivation. It’s a promise that you are making to yourself to show up for yourself, and for your fellow group members. If you have been feeling stuck in your life and wondering what your next step should be, group coaching is exactly where you need to be.

The Spirit School Group Coaching Classroom is available in select plans.  To choose your spirit school plan, click here.

live group mentoring calls each month

You’ll get two live Zoom calls each month where you can ask questions, get guidance, and listen to the journies of your fellow group members.

private mighty networks community

You’ll have a dedicated, private platform accessible only to other group coaching members where you can share your homework, get feedback, and make new spiritual friends.

heaven-sent homework

You’ll get additional homework and activities to do, as guided, designed  around your unique focuses, goals, and life.  This is geared towards challenging you and helping to facilitate your growth.