Cut the Clutter

Starting on April 6th, you’ll be able to experience a clutter-free home – mind – body – and Spirit in just 4 weeks.

Clutter can fill up more than your space.

So often our primary focus is keeping up on the outward appearances of our homes that we forget that keeping our energy clean is even more important. Our minds, bodies, and spirits require regular up-keep and failing to make it a top priority can come with detrimental consequences.

Jodie Harvala, Psychic Medium
+ Clutter Clearing Queen

Clutter is Chaos

Imagine you have one simple goal: Walk across the room from one side to the other. It’s a fairly straightforward task, right? Now imagine that same room is full of random objects, trash, and other obstacles every few feet. No matter what path you take, something is in your way, waiting to take you out. What started off as a simple task is now way more difficult to complete. Turn off the lights or add a blindfold and it’s nearly impossible. Letting excess clutter take up space in your mind, body, and spirit are no different – and if you’re having issues getting things done or manifesting your goals, you can bet that blockages and clutter are to blame.

Are you being affected by Clutter Chaos?

Join me for my 4-Week Cut the Chaotic Clutter Online Class

Starting on April 6th, we will join together and hold the vision of a clutter-free experience. This 4-week experimental course will concentrate on a different area each week, including…

Living Spaces

Purify your home, apartment, office or working area, or any other space you hold near and dear.


Clean up and detoxify your body for more energy and better health


Calm the chaos of your mind for more focus, more restful sleep, and sharpened senses.


Remove those Spiritual energy blocks for heightened intuition, stronger manifesting and a closer relationship with Spirit

What You Get

Educational Videos

Learn along with the group + refer back to all of the materials at your own pace.

Live Check-Ins

Get the accountability you need with weekly check-ins and Q + A sessions – you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have and get instant feedback on your classwork and progress.

Private Facebook Group

Get additional lesson support from Jodie + team, plus your classmates in this exclusive group. Share your progress, ask questions, and make new accountability friends.

Bonus: Space Clearing Success Guide

Get set up for success with this bonus start-up guide from my Space Clearing ebook.

Cut the Clutter Chaos

Declutter your life- home, body, mind + spirit – with this 4-week class

Online class begins on April 6th

Join now for just one payment of $67

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the class start?

The class starts on September 26th inside of the private Facebook group.

Do I have to attend live?

All of the core classes are pre-recorded for your convenience – you’re free to watch whenever fits best within your schedule. All Q+A Check In sessions are live and while I do encourage attending live, it is not mandatory.

Can I access the materials at a later date?

For just $67, you are receiving lifetime access to the course and all of it’s materials. Once the course has concluded, you will be able to access the videos inside my classroom portal at your convenience.

Do I need any special training to be successful in this course?

Nope! I’ve created this course for people of all levels – those who are familiar with energy clearing as well as those who have never had an energy clearing or performed one themselves. No matter what your comfort level is, there will be many things to learn within this course to ensure your successful decluttering!

Help! My question isn’t listed!

Have a question that isn’t listed? Never fear! Me + my team are here to help. Please reach out to us at Jodie@JodieHarvala.com and we will be happy to answer your question asap!

Love from Past Clients


This clearing and reading special was just what I needed to get myself out of my “funk” and motivated for the year ahead. Now I’m full of fresh ideas for my biz, my home feels lighter and more enjoyable, and I’m excited for what the new year has to offer. More importantly, I feel like ME again.

– Shanda Trofe


Jodie was very helpful in guiding us through several exercises. We had a variety of skill levels in our group and I feel like everyone came away with new knowledge. From the beginner to the more advanced – each person contributed to the event in their own way. It was a very comfortable environment too. I’m so thankful for Jodie’s help and encouragement. She made it fun and educational!

– Mavis


Jodie has such a nack about her. When she teaches, she’s channeling Spirit. They work together and everything flows effortlessly. The lessons and time with Jodie will never ever be forgotten. We plan on attending as many retreats of hers as we can. She makes everyone so comfortable because she’s relatable.

– Kristen

Cut the Clutter Chaos

Declutter your life- home, body, mind + spirit – with this 4-week class.

Online class begins on April 6th

Join now for just one payment of $67

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