Breakthrough your Fear with my new 3-hour class on February 26th from 10am – 1pm CST.

Breakthrough your Fear with my new 3-hour class on February 26th from 10am – 1pm CST.

What happens when you release your fear?

Fear is the #1 thing that keeps you from becoming the person you’re meant to be.

Don’t get me wrong- fear can be healthy. It’s our natural internal alarm system to let us know to proceed with caution. Unfortunately, we quickly learn to become too dependent on using fear as an excuse to not change, to not take healthy risks, and ultimately, to slow our own growth.

When your fear goes from being an excuse to being put to good use, magical things happen, such as…

You become happier

When you learn how to properly work with your fear, your overthinking and constant worrying diminish.

You stop resisting change

When fear stops dictating your life, you become more confident in your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

You enjoy abundance

Without fear holding you back, you are free to enjoy the best things in life, including more love, peace, and yes, even income.
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Love from Past Clients

Here’s what some of my awesome clients have to say about our time working together

I had trouble with receiving. After my husband died I didn’t want to be seen as helpless or needy. But it’s amazing what comes your way when you open up to receiving and allowing people to help you in all ways . I learned so much about my self in this class. I was also able to learn how to open up to spirit and all the support that my spirit team would like to assist me with. This class was amazing thank you jodie!



I love love loved this class Thank you ever so much for your words of wisdom, Jodie!!! You are a blessing!!! And thank you to my fellow fear detoxers for your support! It definitely was beneficial when learning how to show up for myself to have others with similar fears doing the same around me.


North Dakota

I was always rushing and running behind because it was the only thing I seemed to have control of and Jodie helped me realized it was how I controlled the chaos even though it did not feel like that to me. I began to wake an extra half hour and now it has evolved to an hour or two so that I can have my me time before I began to engage with people. I can definitely tell the difference in how I feel after realizing how fear and chaos took over and I was able to take my power back.


Fargo, North Dakota


Here’s what we’ll cover in class…


Learn how to love yourself, show up for yourself, and get out of your own way


Trusting yourself – and others – and allowing intuition to be your guide

World-Wide Fear

Balancing real-world issues and fear that is out of your control

Money + Fearlessness

How fear drastically affects your income and abundance – and how to correct it once and for all

Accepting Change

Become more adaptable and accepting of necessary change

Asking for Help

Get over your fear of asking for help – internally, in life, and in Spirit.

Releasing the Fear

Learn tools and exercises to quickly move through and above your fear and apprehension

Spiritual Tools

Utilize your Spirit team and spiritual practices for additional support and guidance

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Join me for this 3-hour class starting on February 26th from 10am – 1pm CST.

Class will be held LIVE on Zoom.