Show up for yourself, get a plan of action for your next steps (no matter how big or small), and make real moves on your journey, all while being supported every step of the way.

Give Fearless Group Mentoring a big “Hell Yes!”

Our first session begins on September 1st at 6pm CST.

Constantly moving forward

towards your goals and dreams with HELP and support!

Showing up for yourself

day in and day out because you know you’re worthy of guidance.

Embracing all the success

of yourself and others. No more feeling afraid – or jealous of others.

Not afraid to say "Hell YES!"

to new things and experiences and having a good time doing it

Proud of yourself every day

through all the ups and downs and everything in between.

Living unapologetically

along with a group of sacred connections and in some cases brand new friends!

your steps to a fearless life

Introducing Fearless Group Mentoring

A six week group mentoring program on facing your Fears and putting them to positive use in your life.

My new round of group mentoring is starting on September 1st at 6pm CST and includes:

  • Group Sessions once a week for personal support
  • A nurturing group of like minded souls that support each other
  • Heaven-sent Homework
  • Plan of action for that next step big or small
  • A facilitator that LOVES to have fun and get shit done!

When you choose to live Fearlessly, the rest of the Universe falls into place.

I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Universe WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED.

It’s just waiting for you to show up for yourself and do your part.

But sometimes we need help to show up for ourselves right? With this program, I will hold your hand and support you in showing up for yourself and for the world!

When you choose to live a Fearless life, you’re making a pact with the Universe that you will do whatever it takes to achieve your personal version of success, happiness and balance. But let’s do it together!

No matter how small the baby steps may be. We will help you take it.
No matter how far away your next level is. We will help you find your way!

As long as you are committed to doing your part of facing your Fears and going after your dreams anyway,

The Universe will always have your back and so will I!

In fact, the Universe has been known to gives us little nudges in the right direction.
It may even be why you’ve happened on this page and have read so far 😉

So, if you’re ready to say “Hell YES!” to a Fearless life,
I invite you to take the first steps towards showing up for yourself and your life…

What I love most about Jodie's courses and services is that she is relatable. She teaches and advises from her own life experiences. She generously shares her own struggles because she knows it helps others in theirs.

Megan Chase

Jodie is truly gifted. She helped me open the doors to my own intuition and for that I am eternally grateful!


Jodie is a an amazing, outstanding mentor. I wanted to learn how to maintain my energy, trust my intuition, meet my spirit guide and release that ” old story”. I came away with so much more than I could ever have hoped for. The things I resisted the most were the things that needed the most attention and brought the greatest gifts.


6 Weeks of Group Mentoring

Starting on September 1st at 6pm CST

Six weeks of weekly sessions where you have direct access to me for all of your questions and guidance.

Spirit-Lead Homework

assignments to help you grow

Fearless homework assignments to help you ignite and embrace your inner badass, catered to individual and group dynamics and goals.

Private Mighty Networks Group

Accountability + Support

Get additional guidance in our private group filled with amazing women going on the same journey with you.


Custom-Tailored Experience

All lessons and material are based on the unique participants of the group. No matter what your goals are, we’ll hit on what you need to reach them.


High-Touch Teaching

You’ll have direct access to me for all questions and intuitive guidance you may need every step of the way.

Support + Accountability

Get feedback from me and your fellow classmates in a tight-knit, supportive environment.
When/Where Group Mentoring be held?

The next segment of group mentoring starts on September 1st at 6pm  CST.  We will have a dedicated Mighty Networks space for the group and will hold all live calls via Zoom. Both Zoom and Mighty Networks are free to download and use, so there will be no additional charges outside of your mentoring package cost.

Is this a self-guided program?
This program is intended for live participation with the rest of the group of participants. However, you will always have access to the live videos, homework assignments and group, so if you fall behind the material will always be there waiting for you!
Are spots unlimited?
As much as I would love to invite all of the people into my group, I believe in keeping my learning environments sacred. Because of this, I only have a very limited amount of spots in this program so that I can give each and every participant the attention they require and deserve.
How are the lessons given each week?
All live training sessions, bonus teaching sessions, and homework will be distributed within the exclusive Zoom room.
My question isn't listed. Help!
I’ve got you! If you have any questions that haven’t been answered on this page, please send me an email to Jodie@JodieHarvala.com and I’ll be happy to help you.
  • Sessions begin September 1st at 6pm CST
  • Private Mighty Networks group
  • Group Zoom every week for 6 weeks
  • Weekly insight and growth
  • Heaven-sent Homework
  • Text/Email/Messenger access to Jodie during biz hours

Need a Payment Plan?

Get all the benefits of the Group Mentoring package in two monthly payments of $200.